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Pokerstars Bonus – 100% Match up to $600 Free

Pokerstars Coupon Code (Marketing Code) – TEN500

Pokerstars Bonus Code – Stars600

Pokerstars Coupon Code Details

US Players are welcome at Pokerstars.

New players that use our Pokerstars coupon code TEN500 (they call it a marketing code) will get a bonus of 100% up to $600. There is no expiration date on the coupon code, it always works. What changes from time to time is the bonus code. We always keep the bonus code current as well. If it changes, we usually update it before the change, or within a few hours at the latest. The current bonus code is Stars600 and since Pokerstars seems to be keeping this bonus, the bonus code isn’t likely to change any time soon. Play at Pokerstars

The Pokerstars coupon code clearing requirements are pretty simple for those who play $.25/.50 NL, $.50/1 FL or higher stakes games. Also, active sit-n-go tournament players can earn a good chunk of it as well.For complete clearing requirements, read our Pokerstars promo code page.

How to Use the Poker Stars Coupon Code

First, write it down. The Pokerstars coupon code is TEN500 and the bonus code is Stars600. When you register, Pokerstars will ask if you have a marketing code. The coupon code is the marketing code. Then, when you make your first deposit, they’ll ask if you have a bonus code. That’s all you’ll neeed to do to. The next step is to Download Pokerstars.

Other Pokerstars Coupons

When Pokerstars offers other coupons or coupon codes, they replace the bonus code. This means that you don’t get the bonus, but you get whatever the promotion is instead. Typically the promotion is nowhere near as good as the bonus, so they aren’t worth using. Other Pokerstars coupons will typically get you entry into new depositor freeroll tournaments, or some other silly promotion that can’t compare to the bonus. The only reason Pokerstars offers them is so they can have something else to promote.

From time to time Pokerstars will offer reload coupon codes, or what they call reload bonus codes. In that case, these types of coupon codes are typically offering a bonus for existing players – obviously a good thing. If you already play at Poker Stars and want to make a new deposit into your player account, coupons will help you get a bonus.

Usually these types of coupons are good for 50-100% bonuses, and from $100-300 in bonus. When Pokerstars has a reload coupon code available, we post it on our poker promo codes page. We’ll also post them here as well.

When you look on this site, you’ll see poker promo codes called bonus codes, marketing codes, referral codes, coupon codes and still other things. For other poker rooms it doesn’t matter what you call it because they all do the same thing – get you a bonus. At Pokerstars however, you need to use the coupon code (marketing code) and bonus code. Don’t forget to write them down and have them handy when you register your new account.

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