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Note: Pokerstars calls their promo code a ‘marketing code’. When you register at Pokerstars, enter TEN500 in the box that asks for the marketing code – there’s no difference between them.

If you’re looking for a good way to qualify for the 2009 WSOP, check out some of the options running at Pokerstars.

The 2009 WSOP starts on May 27th and events run every day until the Main Event starts on July 3rd. There are some new events on the 2009 WSOP schedule and this year looks to be as exciting as ever. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to buy directly into these events, try the Pokerstars WSOP satellite tournaments to win a seat for as little as… nothing!

Pokerstars 2009 WSOP Freeroll Satellite Tournaments

14 times a day Pokerstars is running freeroll tournaments where the top 10 finishers will get a chance to play in the weekly final with a chance to win a free seat into the 2009 WSOP Main Event! Winners will get a $12,000 prize package that includes their tournament entry, 8 nights at the Palms Hotel & Casino (more if you need it), $1000 travelling expenses, 2 VIP passes to the Pokerstars Player Party, free shuttle to and from the Rio, plus a Pokerstars player bag (to carry all your cash in).

Players can play in all 14 freerolls every single day if they like, there is no limit to how many you can play. To play in the Pokerstars WSOP freeroll satellite tournaments, write down Pokerstars promo code (marketing code) TEN500, register at Pokerstars here, then go to the Pokerstars lobby and look for the WSOP 4X Freeroll Satellite (US & Canada). For players outside the US and Canada, look under the Tourney> Regional tab.

Pokerstars 2009 WSOP FPP Satellite Tournaments

For as little as 40 FPP’s (Frequent Player Points) players can win a seat into the 2009 WSOP. In this FPP satellite one player in every 100 entered will win a seat into a 4000 FPP Final Event. In the 4000 FPP Final Event, one player in every 187.5 will win a $12,000 prize package to the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

If you want a simpler chance at it, try the 400 FPP WSOP Satellite. The qualifying process is the same as the 40 FPP satellite, except that one player in ten will win a seat into the 4000 FPP Final Event.

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Pokerstars 2009 WSOP Steps Satellite Tournaments

Ahh, these are fun. Get a lot of play for your money, and a fun challenge in the WSOP Steps satellite tournements at Pokerstars. Steps 1-5 are all 9 player sit-n-go tournaments. Players who make it to Step 6 have a choice to between two tournament structures. The first is a single table, 6 player final table where the winner gets a $12,000 WSOP prize package. In 6A, players can play in a 2 table, 12 player final where the top 2 each win a $12,000 prize package. Players can enter at any step level they choose, here are the details:

Step 1 – Direct buy-in: $7.50 or 500 FPP’s. Top 2 get a Step 2 ticket. 3rd place gets to repeat Step 1. 4th place gets $1.50.

Step 2 – Direct buy-in: $27.00 or 1750 FPP’s. Top 2 get a Step 3 ticket. 3rd & 4th get to repeat Step 2. 5th place gets to repeat Step 1.

Step 3 – Direct buy-in: $82.00 or 5125 FPP’s. Top 2 get a Step 4 ticket. 3rd-5th get to repeat Step 3.

Step 4 – Direct buy-in: $215 or 13,500 FPP’s. Top 2 get a Step 5 ticket. 3rd place gets to repeat Step 4. 4th & 5th get to repeat Step 3. 6th place gets to repeat Step 2.

Step 5 – Direct buy-in: $700. Top 2 get a Step 6 ticket. 3rd & 4th get to repeat Step 5. 5th & 6th get to repeat Step 4.

Step 6 – Direct buy-in: $2100. In Step 6, 6 players vie for the top spot where the winner will get a $12,000 WSOp Main Event prize package. In 6A, the top 2 players in a field of 12 will win a prize package. Every player who makes it to Step 6 will get 500 FPP’s as well.

The Pokerstars WSOP Steps satellite tournaments run 24 hours/day.

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Pokerstars 2009 WSOP Cash Satellite Tournaments

There are tons of cash satellite tournaments for the 2009 WSOP running all day long at Pokerstars. They have direct buy-ins of $2, $3, $4.40, $8.80, $11, $16, $24, $27, $33, $55, $80, $215, $225, $475 and $650. They come in every shape and size including freeze-outs, rebuys, turbos and short-handed versions. They also offer them in double, triple and quadruple shootouts. Choose between single table or multi-table satellites as well.

They all have different paths to the Main Event and Pokerstars is offering players a wide variety of WSOP Satellite tournaments so any player can find something that suits their style or preference.

Extra Benefits

Win your seat to the WSOP Main Event through Pokerstars, then win the event. If you do Pokerstars will give you a $1 million bonus!

All players that win a seat into the 2009 WSOP through Pokerstars will also get 100,000 VPP’s (VIP Player Points), which will automatically make you a Supernova VIP.

Every player that wins a seat to the Main Event will be allowed to play in exclusive freeroll tournaments with $1 million on the line. So, more money!

Last years winner, Pokerstars Pro Peter Eastgate took home over $9 million bucks, will I be writing about you next year? I hope so…if not me of course

Note: Be sure to use Pokerstars Promo Code TEN500 and bonus code Stars600 when you sign up to play. This will get you a 100% matching bonus up to $600 free!

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