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Bodog Promo Code (Referral Number): 1169861

Bodog Bonus: 110% up to $1100

Note: Bodog Poker allows US players and recently opened their doors to Canadian players as well. The 2010 Bodog promo code is embedded in all of our links. If you use any of our links to get to Bodog Poker, you will automatically get the bonus – you don’t have to enter any codes to get it. For added peace of mind, you can choose to enter 1169861 into the ‘referral number’ area during the sign up process at Bodog. Entering the code will make your bonus iron-clad.

2010 Bodog Poker Promo Code / Referral Number

The Bodog Poker bonus is unique. First, players who use our Bodog promo code embedded links get 10% of their bonus up-front. For example, if your initial deposit amount is $400, you’ll get $40 up-front. Then you’ll be able to get another $400 as you play. There aren’t many poker rooms that give bonus money up-front anymore, so this is pretty cool. Play at Bodog Poker.

The 2010 Bodog Poker promotional bonus offers a total of 110% up to $1100, and it’s paid in one lump sum. Bodog players do not have to clear their entire bonus to get whatever they’ve earned. A lot of poker rooms that pay player bonuses in one lump sum only pay out the bonus if the player has cleared the entire bonus amount – not at Bodog Poker. At Bodog, if you deposit $1000, you’ll get $100 up-front, then you’ll be eligible for another $1000 in bonus. But, if you only clear $300 of it, you’ll still get all $300 due. This is another feature of the Bodog bonus that we really like. Our Bodog Poker promo code embedded links never expire, so there is no reason to concern yourself with having a current code or link. Register and Download Bodog Poker.

Players have 60 days to clear as much of the new-player promotional bonus as they can. This is 30 days more than players used to get, and the Bodog bonus is very simple to clear. Players only need to earn 3 Bodog Poker Points for every $1 in bonus. In tournaments, players earn 3 points for every dollar in fees. Well, you also earn $1 in bonus for every 3 points, so you get a 100% return on tournament fees during your bonus period. Essentially, you wont pay any tournament fees during your first two months of play at Bodog Poker.

This Bodog bonus promotion is for new players making their first deposit in 2010. If you’ve already signed up and made a deposit at Bodog Poker, you are not eligible for this bonus. New players who want to take advantage of the promo can use this link to register at Bodog Poker. Players who already have an account at Bodog Poker should scroll down this page for information on the Bodog Reload Bonus.

In cash games, players earn Bodog Poker Points at the following rate:

Rake Points
$1.00 – $3.00 1.00
$0.50 – $0.95 0.50
$0.25 – $0.45 0.25
$0.05 – $0.20 0.10

Using our Bodog Poker promo code links will also allow you to turn your Bodog points into cash whenever you want to. Once you’ve cleared the new-player promotional bonus, you can turn future Bodog Poker Points into cash at the rate of 100 points per dollar. Players earn points so fast at Bodog, that you’ll be surprised how much extra money you can get from this promotion. For this promo, players must convert a minimum of 500 Bodog Poker points ($5), and can convert up to 25,000 points ($250) per month.

Bodog Poker also offers their players a 100% (up to $500) reload bonus. This promo works a little different from the initial deposit bonus, but the clearing requirements are still quite good. Players need to earn 10 Bodog Poker points per $1 in bonus, and have 30 days to clear as much of the bonus as they can.

Bodog Poker Promotion Code – 1169861

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Bodog Poker is a great room for people who like aggressive opponents and a smaller feel. If you like playing at rooms with every option under the sun, take a look at our Pokerstars Promo Code or Full Tilt Promo Code pages.