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Bodog Bonus Code: 1169861

Bodog Deposit Bonus: 110% up to $1100

Note: Bodog calls their promo code a bonus code. There isn’t any difference between a bonus code or a promo code. When you register to play, enter 1169861 in the bonus code field during signup/depositing.

The Bodog deposit bonus is pretty unique compared to other online poker rooms. First of all, Bodog Poker gives players a 10% upfront bonus on their initial deposit amount. So, if you deposit $200, you’ll get a $20 deposit bonus put automatically into your account. If your initial deposit is $1000 or more, you will get a free $100 upfront bonus. Before you head to Bodog and make your first deposit, be sure to write down the Bodog deposit bonus code 1169861. Check Out Bodog Poker.

After the upfront bonus, players get an additional deposit bonus of 100% up to $1000 more. Being a 100% matching bonus, players will have the chance to earn an equal amount to their initial deposit. If your initial deposit is $300, you can earn up to $300 more. If you deposit $1000 or more, you can get the entire $1100 initial deposit bonus. So, to take advantage of this Bodog promotion, players who can afford it should make a $100 deposit with the opportunity to get $1100 in total bonus.

Clearing the Bodog deposit bonus is easy, but you only have 30 days to clear as much of it as you can. This isn’t bad though because the clearing requirements are as easy as any deposit bonus online. Players only need to earn 3 Bodog Poker Points to earn $1 of their deposit bonus. Players can earn as much as 1 point per hand, which means that you can earn $1 in bonus in as little as 3 hands. Get Your Deposit Bonus.

In tournaments, Bodog pays players 3 points per dollar in fees. So, in tournaments players get all of their fees back in the form of bonus money earned – very cool feature.

If you plan on playing a fair amount over the next 30 days, sign up and make your first deposit at Bodog Poker. You’ll earn a lot of bonus money fast and if you’re like us, you’ll love the room. The Bodog software is very different from any other online poker room. Bodog doesn’t follow the same rules as all the other sites, they do things their own way. We like this about Bodog, they never limit themsleves and they never stop upgrading their software. The table graphics are very contemporary and clean, the nicest looking of all the rooms in our opinion.

Although Bodog isn’t a ‘huge’ room, they have plenty of players to find a good game at just about any time of the day. Cash games are very popular at Bodog, and they get some decent hi-limit games going as well. Many of the players at Bodog are very wild and loose, making it a highly profitable room for good cash game players. Texas Hold’em is the busiest of course, but some Omaha and Stud games can be found during peak hours as well.

The tournaments at Bodog are ‘ok’. They don’t have the variety that Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker have, but they have plenty of sit-n-go tournament players and some good guaranteed tournaments as well. If you’re new to poker and want to play in tournaments, Bodog is a great choice. They offer a fairly unique sit-n-go tournament for new players, appropriately called beginner tournaments. In the beginner tournaments, the top 5 of each 10 player sit-n-go makes it into the money. This is great because it gives new players a better chance to hold onto their bankroll as they learn the game. Btw, Bodog is also our favorite place to play heads-up tournaments. The action is lightning fast, the players are wild and crazy, and good players can build a healthy bankroll here.

If this sounds like a poker room that suits you, give Bodog Poker a Try – we think you’ll like it. Write down the Bodog deposit bonus code first though, it’s 1169861. This will allow you to get the entire deposit bonus.

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