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Pokerstars Turbo Takedown Details

The Pokerstars Turbo Takedown is a unique type of online tournament. First of all, players can’t use cash to buy into it, they have to use Frequent Player Points. This is great because the Turbo Takedown has a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million in cash, including a $100,000 top prize! This tournament is run once a month, and satellite tournaments run non-stop every day leading up to the event. Sign up to play in the Pokerstars Turbo Takedown.

For the month of May, Pokerstars is mixing it up by replacing the top prize with a brand new Porsche Cayman S and the balance of $100,000 in cash. Also, for this month only, instead of the regular 5000 FPP buy-in, the buy-in is only 2,000 FPP’s. Since the buy-in is less, Pokerstars has brought the max-player cap up from 12,000 to 30,000. This is especially good news for tight players since the top 10,000 get paid. So, start with 30,000 players and the top 10,000 make it into the money – pretty damn easy for smart poker players.

The May edition of the Pokerstars Turbo Takedown will be held on Sunday the 31st at 14:30 ET. It is a no-limit holdem tournament with a great blind structure. While most of the turbo events on Pokerstars have 5 minute blind increases and 1500 chip starting stacks, the Turbo Takedown has 10 minute blind levels and starting stacks of 3000 chips.

A smart strategy to play in the Pokerstars Turbo Takedown is to see more flops early while the blinds are slow and the weakest players are still in the tournament. It’s easier to get paid off from weaker players who typically get knocked out the earliest, so you want to see a lot of flops with hands that hold any decent potential. Suited connectors and small pairs should be played more often early in the tournament. Obviously the idea is to catch a big, unpredictable hand that will get you paid off. However, if you don’t make a hand and find yourself with a stack in the 1700-2000 range, this is the time to tighten up while you still have enough time and chips to wait for a real hand.

Pokerstars Turbo Takedown Satellite Tournaments

Pokerstars Turbo Takedown satellite tournaments start at just 8 Frequent Player Points. In the 8 FPP satellite tournament, players start with 2,000 chips, and the blinds increase every 5 minutes. This is a rebuy tournament, with unlimited rebuys before the first break. Players must have less than 2,000 chips when they rebuy. Every player who plays in this satellite should take advantage of the add-on, which gives you an extra 5,000 chips for the same 8 FPP’s. One player for every 2000 FPP’s in the prize pool will win a seat into the Turbo Takedown event. Considering that many players will rebuy numerous times, and almost everyone will get the add-on, there is a very reasonable chance of qualifying through this satellite. The 8 FPP Turbo Takedown satellite tournaments run all day long. Try your luck in the Turbo Takedown satellites.

There is also a 25 FPP Turbo Takedown satellite with the exact same structure as the 8 FPP satellite.

There is a 50 FPP satellite for the Turbo Takedown as well with 6 player max tables. This is called a hyper-turbo tournament and the blinds increase every 3 minutes. This is also a rebuy tournament which has a starting stack of just 300 chips. Rebuys also cost 50 FPP’s and give players 300 chips. The add-on gives players another 500 chips for the same 50 FPP’s. This creates amazingly fast action and forces players to open up their selection of starting hands. If you like more adrenaline based tournaments, this is a good choice for you. Since more luck is involved in this type of tournament structure, weaker players have a better chance of qualifying through this satellite than most of the others. New players, bad players, and adrenaline junkies should play in this one. One player per 2000 FPP’s in the prize pool win seats into the Turbo Takedown.

A 75 FPP Turbo Takedown satellite is available, with 10 minute blind increases and a 2,000 chip starting stack. This is a rebuy event as well, with 2,000 chips for each rebuy and a 4,000 chip add-on.

The 99 FPP Turbo Takedown satellite tournaments are rebuys as well. Players get a starting stack of 2,000 chips and 2,000 for each rebuy. There is a 5,000 chip add-on as well. The blinds increase every 5 minutes.

There is a 100 FPP turbo-rebuy satellite as well, with a starting stack of 1,000 chips. Rebuys also provide 1,000 chips and the add-on gives players an extra 1,500. The blinds increase every 5 minutes.

For the action junkies, play in the 6 max, 100 FPP hyper-turbo where players start with just 500 chips and blinds increase every 3 minutes. This is not a rebuy tournament.

For those that have plenty of FPP’s and want a really good chance at qualifying, play in the 300 FPP turbo satellite. This tournament is not a rebuy, has a 1,500 chip starting stack, and blinds increase every 5 minutes. In this satellite 1 in 6.67 players will win a seat into the Turbo Takedown.

There is also a 400 FPP satellite with the exact same structure as the 300 FPP satellite. One in 5 players will win a seat into the event.

Beyond that, there is a 500 FPP satellite as well. The starting stack is also 1500 like the 300 and 400 FPP satellites, but the blinds increase slower, at 10 minute intervals.

Turbo Takedown Sit-n-Go Satellite Tournaments

There are a variety of sit-n-go satellites for players to choose from. The buy-in options are 10, 15, 25, 40, 100, 200, 400 and 500 Pokerstars Frequent Player Points. These satellites have between 10 – 400 players and can be played in regular, turbo, or hyper-turbo blind structures. Play in these satellite tournaments.

Pokerstars Promotion Code – TEN500

Read our Pokerstars Promo Code page for details on the Pokerstars bonus and clearing requirements. The Pokerstars bonus is simple to clear, most players earn their bonus in just a few days. Be sure to write down the Pokerstars promo code TEN500 before you click the link below. On this page you can get information about the Pokerstars WSOP satellites.